14 Aug

So last night I had my last meat dish for awhile (Wingers Sticky Fingers, b/c its my BF Favorite)  and do you know what I THREW it up…. So glad that I am leaving that discusting feeling behind and moving on. So today is day numero uno!!

I’ve already had breakfast.. Despite throwing up last night I figured better get something in my tummy to help me feel better. I had pumpkin bread, small cup of coffee, and a light yogurt. I feel much better with that in my tummy to help me start the day off right.. I would totally take pictures but sadly I am staying in a hotel room for about a week till I can move into my new apartment.. Anyway off to clean my breakfast mess up and figure out what to do for the weekend… Tootles!!



14 Aug

Well I am welcoming myself to the blogging world.. This is my blog about me, my health, and my eats… For ME and no one else..  I hope to find some amazing blogging friends out there..

Love BOE