14 Aug

So last night I had my last meat dish for awhile (Wingers Sticky Fingers, b/c its my BF Favorite)  and do you know what I THREW it up…. So glad that I am leaving that discusting feeling behind and moving on. So today is day numero uno!!

I’ve already had breakfast.. Despite throwing up last night I figured better get something in my tummy to help me feel better. I had pumpkin bread, small cup of coffee, and a light yogurt. I feel much better with that in my tummy to help me start the day off right.. I would totally take pictures but sadly I am staying in a hotel room for about a week till I can move into my new apartment.. Anyway off to clean my breakfast mess up and figure out what to do for the weekend… Tootles!!


One Response to “SICK”

  1. Sweet Cheeks September 18, 2010 at 8:29 pm #

    Hi! Thanks for the entering my Zevia giveaway…glad you found my blog! 😀

    Sorry you got sick!! That is definitely not fun but I hope you are feeling much better by now girlie! xoxo

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